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Online Article 9

Online Article 9

Article 9 Course Description

Arizona Administrative Code r6-6-901, commonly known as Article 9, is an Arizona law. This law relates to how the Divisions of Developmental Disabilities will proactively and positively support people's positive and adaptive behavior. This course includes a clear definition of techniques that are prohibited from use at any time, techniques that require a division approved behavior plan and/or techniques that require no prior approval.

Course taught by a certified Article 9 Instructor.

Duration - Approximately 3 Hours 

This certificate is valid for 3 years.

Course Content for Article 9:
Historical Information, Confidentiality, Positive Behavior Supports, Respect, Dignity, and Positive Interactions with Members, Consent, Client Rights, Abuse and Neglect, Proactive Strategies, PRC/HRC Behavior Building Plans, Prohibitions, Emergency Measures, Reporting, Sanctions


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480-253-2010 (Español)