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CPR AED and First Aid Online Blended 22

CPR AED and First Aid Online Blended 22

CPR AED and First Aid for all ages. This class is an online course, its a recorded class you can watch when you're ready. The skills are required in person at one of our 8 locations. You have 90 days to complete the skills training in person after completing the online course. Please go to to enroll in of the CPR AED and first aid skills test out. Once you purchase the online course on the website, you will receive an email with in 24 hours from HSI (Health and Safety Institute) these emails may go to your junk and spam folder. The email with the course link DOES NOT come from APT, and you can not access it from the APT website. The online course MUST be completed prior to the skills test out, we can not test you out unless the online portions is complete.

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