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Compassion Satisfaction (1 CEU- 1 Hour Course)

Compassion Satisfaction (1 CEU- 1 Hour Course)

Compassion is in plentiful supply for social service servants, but what happens when these servants experience compassion fatigue?  This course will provide the ABCs of how social servants can combat compassion fatigue and increase their compassion satisfaction.  After all, the compassionate need compassion too!

Dr. Derrick Tennial (Ed.D) is an educator, entrepreneur, author, minister, and motivational speaker.  An educator with over 16 years of experience, Derrick has taught and served as an administrator in Memphis, Tennessee, and metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia.   In addition, he is a motivational speaker and workshop clinician who has presented throughout the United States on topics such as cultural diversity in education and HIV/AIDS and issues of identity and sexuality.  He has published four books and contributed to magazines, blogs, and other books.  


A proud uncle and godfather, Derrick enjoys spending time with family, reading, writing, traveling, and attending cultural events.


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