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Workplace Communication (1 CEU- 1 Hour Course)

Workplace Communication (1 CEU- 1 Hour Course)

The Workplace Communication course provides insight into how personal communication styles influence workplace effectiveness. Throughout this course, effective workplace communication is discussed.  This course is designed to allow the participants to examine their work place communication style and create a plan to increase their workplace effectiveness through enhancing their personal communication.


This course is presented by Dr. Lori Wieters, MBA, PhD, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.

Dr. Wieters has more than 15 years of training, leadership development, and organizational change expertise working in a variety of industries. As an I/O Psychologist, Dr. Wieters specializes in diagnosing human behaviors that are creating complexity in our current work places. Workplaces come in many varieties, in offices, homes, and on-the-go. Work is happening everywhere, hence,, the potential for human interaction, misunderstanding, and conflict is greater now than ever. Dr. Wieters provides a holistic approach to human performance in the workplace, wherever the workplace may be located. 

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