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Grief and Loss (1.5 CEU - 1.5 Hour Course)

Grief and Loss (1.5 CEU - 1.5 Hour Course)

One of the things that binds all humans together is the experience of both joy and sorrow in life. This is especially evident when working in the healthcare and human services field. In our profession, it is important and essential to understand the process of grief not only for others, but ourselves.

It’s not as easy to provide excellent care in the bad times as it is in the good; but since grief and loss are part of the human condition, we need to be prepared to support our clients and their loved ones in times of grief, and also be able to manage our own emotions as we deal with people who are enduring sadness and loss.

This course will familiarize you with the typical signs and patterns of grief and how to recognize them in others, give you strategies for helping clients face difficult times, and enable you to develop your own emotional management and coping strategies as a healthcare or human services worker. At the end of this course you will be filled with hope and gain a new understanding of grief and loss.

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