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Depression: Lifting the Veil 1 CEU (1 hour)

Depression: Lifting the Veil 1 CEU (1 hour)

We all face ups and downs from time to time. It’s a normal part of life. Most of us can relate when someone we know goes through a down period after experiencing some type of loss or other distressing event. Even when we personally have to ride out an occasional wave of sadness, we usually don’t panic because we know that in time-maybe in just a matter of hours or days, we’ll bounce back and the sad feelings will gradually fade. When feelings of sadness and hopelessness don’t fade, this could be indicative of a depressive disorder. Depression isn’t a character defect or personal weakness. Depression is a complex condition with a number of emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral aspects.  This course will help you develop and utilize strategies, tools, and resources to help those suffering from depression.

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