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Compassion Fatigue: 1.5 CEUs (1.5 hours)

Compassion Fatigue: 1.5 CEUs (1.5 hours)

Most healthcare and human services workers dealing with the effects of Compassion Fatigue usually resort to doing what they’ve always done: Work harder and give more until they are completely tapped out.

Compassion Fatigue is not just a “fluffy” term for burnout. It depletes not just your mind and your body, but the very core of who you are as a human being-your emotions, your soul. Oftentimes taking the form of disdain for the frailty of humanity, this psychological foe can lead a person, who at one time entered the field of healthcare out of compassion, to walk away cynical and jaded.  Whether you’re caring for a friend or family member with a terminal illness or you’re a trained medical professional, compassion fatigue is one of the deadliest adversaries any healthcare personnel can face.


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